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Here's a recent article in Woman and Home Magazine featuring Kate and the rise if 1-2-1 teaching











"This practice has allowed me to become more skilled at tracking momentary bodily sensations and the accompanying emotional and psychological tones as they fluctuate. Differentiating the self from not self, me from not me. This differentiation is hugely important when working relationally, either in a therapeutic context, or within personal relationships."




"Kate was excellent in catering for everyone's personal needs and using the groups experience, injuries and questions to explore putting the material into practice. I found that the training covered all elements that are needed: from asana, to the business side, to the nature of therapeutic and personal work. I also enjoyed having the input of Pippa and the assistants on top of Kate's knowledge and experience. I think it was very valuable."


"Kate is a pioneer! She is integrating a powerful unique therapeutic approach to yoga which is essential for its development. Allowing me to be true to myself and giving me confidence, 'The Art of Teaching 1-2-1' course offers tools that have completely transformed the way I teach and practice yoga."


"I suffer from a hip problem and Kate’s approach to yoga has made me more attuned to what is happening with my hip and how this relates to the rest of the body. I was seriously considering reducing my own practice as it often ended in increased pain rather than well-being. However since I have followed Kate’s approach, practiced the asanas we worked on and listened more deeply to the messages I receive from my body I have been able to enjoy my yoga again and to manage my hip pain better, indeed getting release from the pain. As a yoga teacher I always want to learn and develop my teaching and Kate has inspired me to look afresh at the way I teach. I have paid more attention to the individual students, undertaking careful body reading. I use smaller, focused movements to release parts that might have got stuck. I look at the whole body exploring with my students the relationship between front body and back body, upper and lower body, pelvis & ribcage. Kate’s teaching has enriched my own practice as well as that of my students and has helped me manage my hip pain. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anybody looking for a holistic approach to yoga."



"Working with Kate is a completely different experience. You find yourself in similar positions to regular classes but the detail in the instructions, and Kate's feeling-centred approach make her classes and sessions so much more powerful and resonant. Freeing you from the pressure of achieving a certain shape, she allows you to really feel your body, from the bones and connective tissue right through to the muscles and skin. Having worked with Kate and Pippa my injuries are much more in control, and I no longer have any interest in 'flow', 'vinyasa' or any of the other styles of yoga so prolific in modern studios as they just don't serve me anymore."



"I have been practising yoga for 10 years, but it wasn't until I started training with Kate that I discovered my body. For the first time in my life I feel comfortable in myself. What stands out for me in this way of working is that I am not aiming to achieve the perfect pose or a set shape, but instead I get to explore my own range of movement, my own body and to have truly embodied and mindful practice."




"The embodied, relational approach to yoga that Kate has developed is fundamentally different from other forms I have experienced. It allows me to be exactly who I am. It creates a space for me to have my own experience of my body- rather than trying to emulate someone's else's experience. Importantly, it also creates the space to share that experience with another person and to be heard. For me, this has been incredibly empowering. I have been able to truly enjoy yoga in a new way, and to pursue it because it feels good - what better reason is there? As a teacher, this approach means I have been able to let go of wanting/needing to 'know' what's going on in my clients' bodies and instead to embark on a joint journey of discovery. More broadly it's helped me become more attuned to what I know to be true about myself and what is good for me."




"Working in Kate's way has quite literally changed my life for the better; it slowed me right down, grounded me, 'knitted' me back together, taught me the art of containment; both on & off the mat, encouraged me to move away from perfectionism & not to push & coerce myself all the time."




"My personal journey with this way of practicing has been and still is an interesting process in retraining my body and mind to work and move in a different way to what I had previously learned and to pay more attention to how my body wants to move and when it’s enough movement and which parts of my spine give me the most movement in rotations, backbends, forward folds and side bends.  I used to be asana driven in my practice and constantly striving for Instagram perfect pose, this way of practicing has allowed me to drop that ego driven practice and connect to what right for my body and mind at any given time and start having a relationship with my practice rather than a battle.

I have definitely found a connection with my body and what movements it likes to do and which it does not, more so what aggravates my body and what keeps it calm and peaceful, giving me permission to explore my body and how I want to move it. It’s not only affected me on the physical plane but on the emotional/mental too. I find I am more aware of what’s right for me and what’s not, in relationships with others, in activities I do, how I interact with people, what I am willing to let go off."



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