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Supervision provides an important part of the yoga teachers journey. Whether you're new to teaching or experienced we can all benefit from exploring the work that we do with other professionals. It's relevant to working 1-2-1 but also in our class and workshop teaching. We can use it to explore difficult dynamics with clients and students, helping us to reflect on our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and general approach and may provide insights and reflections which may help avoid oversight. Supervision does not just support us in our professional role, it can help us develop on a personal level, especially when we pay attention to relational dynamics and our own embodiment when teaching. Through the support of Supervision we can discover just how rich teaching yoga can be.


We offer an embodied and relational approach to supervision that is process orientated. That means tuning into the things that may also be happening in sessions with clients that are unspoken about or missed. We use the same principles of contact, information gathering, amplification and integration in supervision as we do in ERYT to help you to understand yours and your clients’ material more clearly.

For more information or to book, please contact Kate or Pippa directly for skype and 1-2-1 supervision.

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