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C A R O L Y N   L A M B E R T

Location: Winchester


For many years Carolyn has had a particular interest in people’s wellbeing, both physically and mentally.  Being a mum, having run her own business and having experienced a number of life’s major challenges she understands the stresses and strains that can occur in everyday life.


After taking up yoga she realised that yoga is the traditional background behind many of her beliefs.  Carolyn went on to complete Debbie Avani’s 200 hour teacher training course and has continued to expand her knowledge and experience by completing various other courses.  From the start Carolyn has been drawn to teaching one-to-one lessons and is particularly interested in the way people hold tension in their body and how this can be released. As a result 'The Art of Teaching 1-2-1' training courses with Kate resonated deeply with her and she has integrated them into her teaching with ease.  Many of Carolyn’s students have told her that they have enjoyed the transition, prefer this way of working and are feeling the benefits.  New students have said it is exactly what they needed although they didn’t know it existed.


Carolyn has weekly one to one sessions with Kate and during these sessions she has personally experienced the therapeutic benefit of working 1-2-1.  By exploring her own body and mind under Kate’s supervision she has become much more embodied, has been able to release muscular and fascial tension and in the process has resolved her own past.


Carolyn creates a caring and supportive environment in which she aims to help you to be more aware and connected to your own body, in order to improve your overall health, wellbeing and relationships.

K R I S T I N A   N I K O L O V A

Location: London

Kristina's yoga journey started in 2007 back in her home country Bulgaria. As a professional in the travel industry she had to be on the move often and therefore developed strong personal practice which enhanced her interest in yoga and the body. After settling in London she trained with the UK’s leading teacher training centre Triyoga under Kate Ellis and Catherine Annis, and gained certification by the British Wheel of Yoga in 2016.


It wasn’t until Kristina started working with Kate though that she felt she truly discovered her own body. Applying the principles explored in 'The Art of Teaching 1-2-1' training to her personal practice to start with, helped her to feel what was happening physically in her body. As her practice and exploration deepened, so did her inner awareness and understanding not only on physical level but on emotional and mental too. Kristina feels the training enabled her to connect the dots and understand why certain things about herself are the way they are, how she relates to herself and others, how she thinks and expresses herself, all in a very supportive and non-judgmental manner. 


Kristina uses a feel-centred approach in all her classes – both group and private, encouraging exploration rather than just structured exercise routines.

L A U R A   W H I T I N G 

Location: London

Laura discovered yoga as a teenager growing up in New Zealand and continued an exploration of the tradition throughout the following years. 

She completed her teacher training with Kate Ellis and Catherine Annis at triyoga and is currently undertaking year two of 'The Art of Teaching 1-2-1'. Working with the trainings key principles has transformed the way Laura approaches her yoga and teaching practice. It has become a therapeutic tool to connect to one's experience and then enquire through feeling while allowing this to inform how we relate out in the world. Laura teaches one to one and weekly public and private classes in London.

R A C H A E L   C H U N G

Location: Brighton

Rachael went to her first yoga class over 20 years ago and experienced a profound sense of ‘coming home’ to her body.  Since then she has studied with many teachers from different yoga traditions and styles, all of whom have influenced her teaching.  Working with Kate Ellis on ‘The Art of One-to-One Teaching’ course and attending regular one-to-one yoga and supervision sessions with Kate has inspired her to introduce a more questioning and experimental quality to her own practise and within her teaching.  

Rachael's one-to-one work allows her to support her clients in deepening and fine-tuning their yoga practice, enabling them to connect to their body and the unique imprint of life experience contained within it.  A one-to-one setting allows more time and space to explore with clients their individual experience of a pose or yoga sequence; this process often becomes the gateway to greater self-knowledge providing insight into our physical and mental habits, which in turn leads to more ease and spaciousness in the body and a deeper understanding of how we interact with the world around us. Rachael encourages anyone who has an interest in yoga to come and try out a one-to-one yoga class to see what the experience holds for them.

R E B E C C A   M C  C A F F R E Y

Location: London

Rebecca gained BWY certification after training at Triyoga, London with Kate Ellis and Catherine Annis. She has continued to deepen her knowledge through participating and assisting on Kate’s ‘The Art of Teaching 1-2-1’ short teacher training course.


Rebecca has evolved towards a more therapeutic and spacious yoga practice, which is deeply nourishing on a physical, emotional and psychological level. This enables body responses to be explored with finer skill and clarity and develops a greater sense of embodiment. The space created in the practice allows emotional and psychological responses to unfold. Noticing and listening to these responses can lead to a deeper self-awareness, expansion and growth. These teachings are useful for exploring and setting boundaries and encouraging more authentic, enriching communication and relationships with others. The intention is to nurture a deep sense of connection and fullness, building internal resources and resilience that can serve you in an ever changing fast paced world. Rebecca is currently continuing her personal and professional development on Kate’s two year 'The Art of Teaching 1-2-1' training course and on-going supervision.


Rebecca has a wide range of interests and passions. These include astronomy and what modern astronomical research can reveal to us about the edge of human knowledge, our world and its place in the wider universe. How our buildings and immediate living environment contribute to our sense of wellbeing is another area of interest. She also enjoys traveling the world, meeting people from different cultures, nature, wildlife and dancing.

K A S   P I N D O L I A

Location: Watford, Hertfordshire

Kas started practicing yoga in 2004, attending Hatha yoga classes on and off over the years and more consistently over last 6 years concluding she thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of a regular yoga practice not only physically but emotionally as well. Kas decided to train as a hatha yoga teacher in 2014, to deepen her knowledge of yoga asanas’ (poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques), completing a training with Feel Hot Yoga and is a yoga alliance registered teacher. Kas also completed a yin/yang with mindfulness meditation training with Sarah Powers to deepen her awareness of the self. Kas is currently doing her BWY training at Triyoga in London with Kate Ellis and Catherine Annis at Triyoga in London, based on the Vanda Scaravelli principles and embodied yoga.  Currently Kas is on year 2 of Kate’s Art of teaching 1-2-1 training.

Kas believes Yoga is about becoming aware of your true self and views yoga as way to build a relationship with your mind and body, allowing them to communicate with each other with awareness. This is reflected in her teaching and she holds the space well, allowing both the teacher and yogi to work relationally.  Whether it be a strong dynamic practice or a slower aware practice.

For more details please visit:

K A R E N   M C C O S S

Location: Scotland

Karen lives and teaches on the beautiful Isle of Seil.  She teaches privately at home on the island, and in Oban and the surrounding area.  She studied with Kate Ellis and Catherine Annis at Triyoga in London and is currently undertaking a second year of study in 'The Art of Teaching 1-2-1' with Kate and Pippa Richardson.

Karen is deeply grateful to be able to work with these techniques in her daily practice; she enjoys the freedom to listen deeply into her body as she moves, always seeking an inner sensitivity to guide her into poses that will release tension and rebalance her whole being.  This in turn informs her teaching with private clients, giving her the confidence to meet them just where they are, in body and mind.  By working together, harnessing the natural intelligence of the body, she seeks to guide her students to a place of balance, releasing patterns that may be causing physical or emotional stress and sometimes pain. The poses become a tool for exploration rather than a goal in themselves, noticing where energy needs to travel in the body, or where it would be helpful to contain it and always working with the principle of ahimsa, non-violence.

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