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K A T E   E L L I S 

Kate has been exploring the moving body and transformational process since the early 90’s and has been training teachers for over ten years and for the last seven has been specialising in training teachers to work 1-2-1


She brings many years of experience to her work as a body psychotherapist, yoga teacher/trainer, Thai massage practitioner, meditation practitioner/teacher and student of various movement theories including the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Ruella Frank.


Her work was born out of a process spanning 20 years of teaching and training teachers to work therapeutically. Over these years, Kate recognised the need to support the psychological material that became ever present in the physical work that she was offering and so she turned to the work of Nick Totton and Allison Priestman and did a training in Embodied Relational Therapy (a form of Body Psychotherapy). Nick and Allison’s approach resonated deeply with her experiences of the inter-relationship of mental and physical process. At a fundamental level the philosophies of both ERT and Kate’s understanding of yoga correlated and Kate subsequently worked on integrating her understanding and practice of both modalities. ERT principles lie at the heart of the work which means that the yoga practice must explore and develop a sense of embodiment and relationship both within the body and within outer relationships. For Kate, being on the mat is simply a really good place to explore these themes however this exploration is not something which stops when we roll the mat up. This practice emphasises the continuous unfolding and often challenging process of being a body and a person in the world where we all have to continuously relate.

Kate taught on the triyoga 24 month Teacher Training program for ten years and also on the Yoga Therapy Training with Yogacampus, both in London. She runs trainings and workshops all over the country and has been mentoring and supervising teachers since 2007. You can also find out about her work at

P I P P A   R I C H A R D S O N

Pippa gained BWY certification after training at Triyoga, the UK's leading Teacher Training School with Kate Ellis and Catherine Annis. She has since returned to the training as a mentor and assistant for new teacher trainees.

Pippa's yoga practice began to evolve more deeply after working weekly with Kate one-to-one for a number of years. The therapeutic nature of this work had a significant impact on her own practice, her teaching, her body and most importantly, her relationship with self and others - it is this that inspires her to teach. Through her work she hopes to guide others to experience their own capacity for self-awareness and embodiment. Her teaching encourages exploration and favours the 'feeling channel' over a shape or pose, honouring the difference in our individual structures. Born from her rich personal experience of the body, Pippa has continued her psychological studies with Nick Totton, the Founder of Embodied Relational Therapy, Allison Priestman and Clinical Psychologist Dr Melody Moore. Pippa's personal interest in body image led her to create the girlness project - an initiative that draws on body psychotherapy and yoga principles to support young girls and women to develop a healthy relationship with self.

Pippa has been featured in and written for a number of national newspapers and lifestyle magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Yoga Magazine, Women’s Fitness and Prima. She has worked with a broad range of clients including Marlborough College, The British Army, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Save The Children & Girlguiding.

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